Q & A With Mr. Raj


Mr. Raj is an entrepreneur, mainly invests in real-estate.
His experiences and desire for success is inspiration for students to work hard in right direction.

INTERESTS: Real-Estate

We are thankful to Mr. Raj for being at SKYWARD and share his experiences and knowledge with students.



  • Your work is in different cities how do you manage all your work?

What I do is only invest money, start a new project and hire managers who can do this work even better than me. It’s a job of managers to manage things. My job is to come up with new ideas.

  • How to manage time?

Just plan at night what you have to do next day and follow it, it will take only 5-10 minutes. One thing what I do everyday is devote my full attention to what I am doing.

  • How to be successful?

Invest in yourself. Know what is important and what is urgent. Devote your maximum time to what is important for you and your life. Have patience and follow your dreams.

  • How to plan for bigger goals?

Keep in mind your ultimate goal in life but focus more on process. The better the process, better the results will be. More you revise or learn better your scores will be. Its like performance of a player depends upon practice or training.

  • So what is more important planning or process?

STARTING, everything else will come later, more important is to start.

Work Hard Silently
Action Line: Work Hard Silently and Let Your BMW Make Noise