For routine studies and maintaining positive approach, one must choose study material effectively. There is abundant study material available; students often waste their time deciding the right option. Some of them end up choosing the wrong study material.

We at Skyward always suggest students to start with NCERT Books as these books focus on fundamentals and help with basic concepts.

Benefits of studying NCERT Books:

Simple Language: NCERT Books are written in a simple language which is easy to understand. NCERT Books cover everything and this also saves the precious time of students.

Strong basics and fundamentals: NCERT Books cover the basic and fundamentals on all topics of every class. NCERT Books explain all basics clearly without any confusion.

Authentic Information: All NCERT Books are written by experts after an extensive research on topics. The information complies in them are authentic and can never mislead.

Diagram-based questions: NCERT Books include diagram-based questions which help students in understanding the subject and be in sync with the pattern of the exam. NCERT Books also have lot of flowcharts which makes learning more effective.

Direct questions from NCERT Books: One of the biggest benefits of studying from NCERT Books is that many questions in exams, in board exams as well, are either directly fetched from these books or follow a similar pattern.

NCERT Books available here in PDF format.